Aug 3, 2004

A test - of the emergency blogcast system

this may be a test, but why not write something anyway?

sometimes i just need to vent. yesterday i spent the entire day preparing with a meeting with my accountant. bookkeeping is not my idea of a good time, and it really wore me out, particularly since i didn't get it all done before the meeting. gee, i only had 7 months to do this. so here i am feeling shot, and a rival of mine decides to start stirring up shit with me on a message board. now i know better than to respond to these things. i know that it never works out quite the way you hope, even if you win. i know this. yet today i was not in the mood to just read crap like that and move on. and when the guy persisted after a simple innocent 'leave me alone' response, i did what i swore i would never do and did a two-paragraph response typical of your average flamewar. i feel a little better, but not really. i've still got accounting worries, business worries, and income worries. meanwhile, its the middle of summer and winter still seems ages off, so i'm just not in a great mood.

does billy joel still say "don't take any shit from anybody" at the end of his concerts?