Apr 26, 2005

Congrats to my brother

Steve Alten is a author who writes about sharks, a la Jaws. you can visit his web site here: http://www.stevealten.com/. My brother, being a fan of sharks, is also naturally a fan of Steve Alten, and likes to plug his books (and now an upcoming movie) on his blog and radio show. Apparently, Alten has a thing set up where he'll name characters in his books after fans. Here is an email that I received from him this morning:

that author i've been plugging on my show and blogs, steve alten,
well i sent him a couple copies of the coyote chronicle with an article i wrote about him,
and he called me.
he got my phanfone number from the website, and left a message while i was on campus.
he said he loved the article and he wants me to e-mail him my description because he's gonna base a major character in his next book on me,
name and all!

now that is cool. (: