May 19, 2005

revenge of the sith report

3:00am, here's my report. a few observations about the new star wars movie. no spoilers, except ones we already knew about.

- Most importantly, It didn't suck
- The only tedious part of the movie was the dialogue between anakin and padame
- the CGI sequences were really impressive
- anakin's conversion to darth vader was believable and convincing, his behavior as darth vader wasn't as believable
- darth vader is one evil son of a bitch
- Padame's death at the end of the movie moistened the eyes of 500 hardcore male star wars fans, who quickly attempted to squelch them.
- two people (audience members) dressed up as darth vader, one as obewan. they had light-saber fights before the show started, and everyone in the theatre was into it. they were chanting "O-BE-WAN! O-BE-WAN!" I was trying to be cool, reading my backpacker magazine.
- i was, indeed, the only person in there with a backpacker magazine
- i was one of the only people who showed up alone. I was also one of the only people who wore a wedding ring.
- when 7 screenings of star wars gets out at the same time, the mens room line backs up pretty bad right when the movies end. interestingly, there was no line for the ladies room.
- like episode 2, yoda kicks some ass in this movie
- virtually no dialogue with jar-jar (sadly, jar-jar doesn't die)

- i appreciated the lead-ins to episode 4
.obe wan handing baby luke to his uncle (where he stayed to 'watch over the child)
.said uncle (and wife) looking at the two suns set in exactly the same way luke did in a famous scene in episode 4
.yoda teaching obe wan to communicate with dead jedis before he went into exile
.a few scenes in the exact same hallway where you first see darth vader in episode 4
.the emporer's transformation from an old man to a really ugly wrinkley old man
.darth vader getting the helmet and black costume, and the revelation of why he wears the helmet and black costume
.first appearance of chewbacca and his wookie friends

there's probably a lot more, but i'm getting too tired to remember.

definitely best of the 3 in the modern series.. better than jedi, not better than hope or empire. so out of the six, it's the 3rd best.