May 12, 2005

yet another bike update

picked up the unasembled bike today and brought it to a different shop who'll have it done by tomorrow.

when picking it up, the guy told me that i'm doing myself a terrible disservice. then he dropped some more jargon to tell me why, something about torquing the gears to align the chain properly. i told him that i can't wait two weeks to get the bike, so i took it..

so the guy who'll do it by tomorrow said that he has no clue what the first one was talking about, but the chains are always aligned properly... he has been a bike tech for 30 years and thinks the first guy was full of shit. all things being equal, I believed him, especially since the first guy basically said that all the other bike shops in the area were incompetent.

here's the confusing part: the first guy has no reason to lie. he's an hourly employee at a store where bikes aren't even the emphasis. he's backed up and probably would appreciate having the backlog lightened a bit. he has nothing to gain by assembling the bike, and nothing to lose by not assembling it.

as a sidenote, since the new place closes at 6pm, i'm going to have my wife drop off rufus at the daycare in the morning so i can ski in the vermont in the morning. then I will return in the afternoon in time to pick up rufus and go pick up the bike. that's what's up with the change in plans.

it'll be my last ski day of the season, and it'll also be the day i get my bike.