Jan 3, 2006

Great skiing

I was at Killington this weekend and I can say without a doubt that sunday was my best day in three years.
It was amazing.. I was pushing myself to do more difficult stuff and I could actually notice my skillz improving as the day went on. Bluebird skies, not too crowded, good friends, and lots of fun.

So I'm all psyched, feeling somewhat redeemed for the dissapointing week at Whistler when Landis, who was with me in Whistler but is now visiting his parents in SoCal, calls me. Told me that he took an unexpected impulse trip to Mammoth the other day, which is receiving an epic storm right now. I mean it is just getting nuked. Bottom line - he can't get out of the area (roads are blocked) so he has nothing to do but stay there and ski neck-deep powder. "Steve, today was unbelieavable. I've never seen anything like it!"

now i'm jealous..

the bastard.