May 1, 2006

ski season over, time to run..

Over the weekend, I went killington to get all my stuff out of the ski house. Driving by myself, it took just 3 hrs 20 minutes (7:18pm to 10:38pm) to travel the 230 miles because I made no stops. My housemates had already gone to bed (or they didn't get home yet!) so I went straight to sleep. I was awake at 6am, so I laid in bed for a while before I got up, took a shower, packed all the stuff in the house into my car, and headed home. I would have skied, but there was stuff to do back home. Today, after a pretty miserable winter, is the last day of lift-serviced skiing at Killington. Unless I go south of the equator, it's likely that I won't ski again until late fall.

Time to start running again...

I lost about 50 lbs between April and August of last year by running 3 miles about twice per week. I plan to do something similar this year, even though it's no longer convenient for me to go to my normal running spot (rockland lake) because I now work in the city. The best place to run near my office, which is in times square, is central park or the west side waterfront. I haven't run consistently since early August when I injured my ankle while running. The ankle was healed within a month, but I never consistently got back into it. As a result, I've gained about 25 lbs since starting this job, which, while mentally challenging and fun, is physically very sedentary.

Another thing to get me working out again is softball. The league my church team plays in has fields all over manhattan, but the most of our games seem to be on Roosevelt Island, which, for those of you who are geographically challenged, runs between the city and queens in the middle of the east river and is maybe a mile or two long. A lap around that before games would make a great impromptu workout..

So the goal right now is to run twice a week.. I don't care about the distance yet... I'll increase that to three times/week soon.