Mar 17, 2007

i bought a scale, and discovered new foods

so now that i have an accurate, reliable way of weighing myself, i'll be able to graph my progress on a daily basis.

had 1310 calories today. binged on shrimp tonight - had 570 calories worth when i mean to have less than 350. but i ended up with a day where 63% of my calories were protein.. 20% carbs, 17% fat.

i don't know what to make of this. i knew what i was doing when i kept eating shrimp tonight, but i chose to keep eating because i knew it was low in fat. that was just a rationalization though - and i've got to nip that kind of behavior in the butt.

the rest of the day went great. i've found some really great food in trader joes.. it's all soy based. but i can't believe how low in calories a lot of it is. the most interesting thing was shirataki noodles. amazingly low in calories - a pound of it has 80 calories and 8 grams of fiber. it doesn't taste quite like macaroni, but the familiar form was nice to have.

another thing i found was marinated and baked hunks of tofu. they had a thai-flavored one, but i picked the teriaki one because it had a few less calories. i was very hungry as i hadn't eaten in about 6 hours, and it looked liked a possible food that i could eat in the car. it was unbelievably satisfying..

yet another item, that i'll be trying tomorrow, was a breakfast sausage made out of soy. it was very low in calories, too. we'll see how that goes.