Mar 8, 2007

muscle memory.. old habits..

was making lunch for my son this morning. very small grains of macaroni, with an egg cooked into it. he lvoes it.

so i'm spooning it into a container for him to bring to school and a couple of grains got on my finger. without thinking about it, i ate it. i realized what i was doing as soon as i did it. it was so natural and thoughtless. scary. anyway, it was so small that it won't make a difference - probably less than half-a-gram - but those are the kind of habits that I have to stop.

cravings were pretty bad last night. i once again went to bed hungry. after 9 days on this, i thought by now the cravings would be getting more manageable. but it's turning out that the opposite is true.. they're getting worse! i do know that they'll eventually go away.. so i'm wondering if maybe i just have to get over this hump.

but man, i miss stuffing myself silly with macaroni.