Mar 26, 2007

roadtrip pics..

highlights from the trip

aspen is amazing, and will post those pictures tomorrow.

roadtrip pics:

this was in alabama. found it completely by accident. we pulled into a parking lot of a park to look at a map and figure out directions. "hey lets check this park out really quick." got out, and found the waterfall,

we learned how guys propose in alabama

this is where Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas come together.

old school gas pump

i sure wish new york and vermont would do something like this.

after 900 miles of flat, the mountain ranges of western texas come into view.

After i-20 ended by merging into i-10, we still have about 200 miles to go. texas is a big place.

a hotel in el paso. we were there because we both had to take a shit.

this is what the bridge to juarez looks like.

communist graffiti on the rio grande

a public square in juarez

a street in juarez

a market in juarez

bicycle in juarez

finally.. street meat.

the best damned taco you ever had.

buying gusano rojo brand tequila. anybody know why you can't get that in the states?

had to get some more tacos.. this time with recognizable meat. it was excellent.

this is why you walk across the border.

pedestrians still have to pay a toll though.

have a nice trip. hope you enjoyed the third world.

you get a free car wash when you cross the border.

the state of texas wants their cut for that tequila.

cool looking mountain east of las cruces, nm

nice view from the pass north of the mountains in the previous picture. the pictured valley contains a 100-mile long US Military missile range.

snapped this rainbow picture inside the valley

white sand-dunes made out of water-soluble basalt. eroded off the surrounding mountains, caught in the basin in an ancient lake. the lake dried out, the basalt precipitated, and these sand dunes were the result.

the sand is much lighter in color than normal sand dunes you see in places like the sahara or in death valley.

they've received much more rain than normal this winter, and in the lowest points in the valley (where the sand dunes are), the water table has actually risen to points above the surface.

the wind was doing its job, blowing the sand along the surface of the dunes. the dunes themselves move because of the wind, usually on the order of a couple of feet per year.

the park is completely surrounded by the missile range.

the next morning.. on the 4+ mile hike to the oklahoma highpoint, we felt like we were in a john wayne movie.

the highpoint is on one of the largest mesas in the U.S.; it extends about 40 miles.

but, like all mesas, it's pretty much flat on top. once we ascended the thing, we still had about a mile of hiking to get to the highpoint.

The highest point in oklahoma is marked by a 9-foot tall granite monument. We were 1605 miles from New York City.

It is quite close to the new mexico border

ok, after another couple hundred miles of driving, we arrived at the kansas highpoint, mt. sunflower. (note the cattle guard)

Mt. Sunflower is one of the country's more interesting highpoints.

the sunflower is made out of railroad ties.

that's it!
the shower i took when we got in saturday night felt good. really good.