Jul 25, 2007

two weeks!

wow, livejournal just informed me that it's been two weeks since my last post here..

well, i've been driving. a lot.
started a new job on monday. it's in albany. i live in suffern. 120 miles. each way. yeah, thank god for telecommuting.

but, for obvious reasons, at least for this week, i won't be telecommuting much.

now that i've driven to work three times, i can say that it takes me about 100 minutes. i've been taking the time to catch up on some podcasts - played at 140% speed, because i'm pretty far behind.

spent the weekend in vermont. volunteered at the vermont 100-mile endurance run. i'll post more about that later - but suffice it to say, it has renewed my deep and profound respect for ultramarathon runners.

in the next installment, thoughts about my own running.. and how 200 minutes in a car each day are going to affect it.

so until next time,