Aug 2, 2007

50k time limit

the third-best "ah-beets" in new haven probably is at modern apizza, very good and without the lines.

I just visited the web site of the North Face's Endurance 50k Challenge and came across some very, very good news. The time limits seem to have been extended, or maybe I'm just dumb and miscalculated it the first time I saw it. Either way, I don't have a 7-hour limit, but a 9-hour. That is fantastic news and I may just go ahead and sign up for it now, because I'm pretty sure that I can finish in nine hours. My marathon in Las Vegas last year was about 6:45, but I really didn't train in the two months prior to it - I knew that had the marathon occurred about a month and a half earlier, I probably could have pulled a sub-6-hour finish time. I'll be at least at that level of endurance by September 22. Still, I am about 40lbs lighter than I was in December 06 (325lbs then, 285 now), and hopefully will be almost 70lbs lighter come 50k date. Bottom line, I was taking a lot of time wondering if I could pull off a 7-hour finish.

But 9 hours? no problem. That's averaging a 17:24 pace. Even if I had to walk the last 20 miles of it (I probably won't), I could still pull a 9-hour finish. It'll be a test of my mental toughness, but that's why I want to do ultras in the first place. How am I going to do this? I've really got to go long on my long runs, and make them weekly instead of every other week. Spend a lot of time focusing on recovery and injury prevention. Attempt to lose as much weight as possible (which counters the whole recovery thing. nobody said it would be easy.) And maybe, just maybe - do a marathon two weeks prior to the event. DOH. let me check an online marathon calendar and see what's going on........ newark, delaware. looks like a fun race and the price is right, but too far. nothing going on 3 weeks prior either. oh well.

as a final test, before i register, i am going to attempt to "yo-yo" the 6-mile saddle river county park bike path in NJ. it is an asphalt paved road with lots of runners and a couple of short hills, at least one of them steep. my confidence is really high right now, because i've never been this strong a runner, especially on hills - but i also haven't done a whole lot of long runs. so how I finish and recover from a 12 mile run this weekend will be the test I need to see if I am capable of training for this thing. I'll do my best to take it low and slow, slow and low, and assess myself the next day (I know that immediately at the end of it, i'll say NO WAY I CAN DO THAT 2 1/2 MORE TIMES, so I'll wait till the next day to assess myself.)

if that goes well, i might try to trail-run mount marcy, the highest point in new york, in three weekends. that, at this point, is a vaguely-conceived idea though - so don't count on that. but it is possible.

ok, enough of that.
here's another excellent study from amby burfoot's peak performance blog:
To Lose Weight, Get On Scales Every Day: There Are No Psychological Problems
Several studies have shown that daily weigh-ins help people lose weight. But there have also been arguments that such a strict routine could lead to psychological problems. A Brown University team studied this issue, and came up with no evidence of psychological harm. Rather they found that daily weighing helped weight-loss efforts, reduced bingeing episodes, and decreased depression scores. Source: Journal Of Consulting And Clinical Psychology. More

Today's run is going to be short and sweet. Looks like it'll be the hottest day of the year - well over 90ยบ - so I'm probably just going to go a mile or two nice and easy. I'm thinking I'll work from home on Friday and do an easy trail run of a mile or two. Then, on saturday, yo-yo the entire saddle river trail in the heat.

Until next time,