Sep 14, 2007

Nils Nissen 1975-2007

I'll miss you Nils

nils and i
have had beers
we've had sushi
we've had bacon

but we never skied together.

when i got the phone call late this morning, once i got over the initial shock, i tried to get back to work, but i just could not focus. so i took the afternoon off and went for a run.. a run always manages to clear my head. and so i cleared my head and i thought about nils..

...and how we never skied together.

i thought for sure i would ski with him last year..
and the year came and went and we never skied.
he still seemed in good shape in may.. so i figured we'd ski in 2007-08.
i even held out hope that we'd ski when the cancer invaded his spine and he lost the ability to walk.. he'd ski mark-andre style.. it'd be great.

but we never skied together.

he was one of the few people in the world who loved skiing more than me.. and yet i've skied with a lot of people who don't really care about skiing. i should have made more of an effort to ski with him..

but i never did.


"life is short, but it should be long enough.."
yet in this case it wasn't - and that's my fault.

i should have skied with you, nils.

for some reason that's really bothering me.