Sep 28, 2007

Post#300 - Running Goals

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It's been a couple of weeks since I've posted to this blog. There are a couple of reasons - one, I've just been very busy with work. But also, this is my 300th post to this blog, and I'm not sure what to do with it. Part of me wants to treat it like any other of the 299 posts there. Another part of me wants to make it special with some overwhelmingly awesome content. Seeing as I have nothing overwhelmingly awesome to write, I can easily rule that out.

Then, tonight, I realized that, in the limited about of time I have these days, I could just write down, for the first time, some of the more ambitious running and especially ultrarunning goals that I've been kicking around. It's not normal content, but it's not overwhelmingly awesome either. In a word, it's perfect.

And for my purposes, I'm categorizing them.

1.) Running Goals that I will definitely attempt to achieve in 2008
- Reduce bodyweight to 225 lbs
- 2000 miles of running over the entire year
- A spring marathon
- A trail marathon
- The Vermont 50 miler
- NYC Marathon (If I get the lottery, otherwise, guaranteed 2009)
- a 60-minute 10K
- A sub-5 hour marathon
- And maybe, just maybe, a 100K.

2.) Goals that I would like to attempt in 2009
- A 24-hour race.
- Mt. Washington Road Race
- Escarpment Trail Run
- Vermont 100
- A sub-4 hour marathon
- Maybe a 20 minute 5K?

3.) Goals for 2010 and beyond
- A BQ.
- Pikes Peak Ascent
- Western states 100
- Tour du Mont Blanc

4.) "Steve smoked crack for breakfast" dreams (Not goals, just dreams. I'd be as surprised as anybody if I did these.)
- Spartathlon
- Hardrock
- Badwater

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