Sep 24, 2008

Same event, two different years, two different distances

The George Wodicka Hook Mountain Half Marathon and 5K

The left is from April 17, 2005. I ran the 5K that year.
The right is from April 13, 2008. I ran the Half-Marathon.

Both are pictures of me finishing the race, at the same event & the same place, but three years apart and 10 miles difference.

The half-marathon in 2008 was easier than the 5K in 2005.

I'm grimacing in 2005, smiling in 2008.

I'm ~350 lbs in 2005, ~300 lbs in 2008.

For some reason, putting these two photos together is fascinating to me.

Rocky Raccoon 100

It's September 24 and I still weigh ~295. On February 7, 2009, I want to be ~250lbs at most, preferably 225. Technically, even 225 is too much for my height at 6'6". But I have to do something. 100 miles will be a lot less forgiving than 13.1. getting to 250 would require losing 2.3 lbs per week. 225 would require 3.6 lbs. Definitely doable, but my discipline.. blech..