Feb 1, 2009

January 2009 recap and rocky raccoon weather/light info

Sorry, no photo today


It's race week!!!

Weather forecast (From Accuweather):

Saturday, Feb 7
High: 71 °F RealFeel®: 70 °F
Partial sunshine

Saturday Night, Feb 7
Low: 55 °F RealFeel®: 52 °F
Rather cloudy

Sunday, Feb 8
High: 72 °F RealFeel®: 69 °F
Mostly cloudy with a passing shower

Sounds warm! but not too warm!! This is great news.

Sun and moon information, as provided by the US Navy.
SATURDAY 7 February 2009 (times are CST)
Moonset5:36 a.m.(race starts 6am)
Begin civil twilight6:44 a.m.(44 minutes of no moon no twilight)
Sunrise7:09 a.m.
Sun transit12:36 p.m.
Moonrise4:07 p.m.
Sunset6:04 p.m.(Sunrise in 13hrs, 5mins)
End civil twilight6:29 p.m.(AM Twilight in 12hrs, 15mins)
Moon transit11:19 p.m.
SUNDAY 8 February 2009
Moonset6:24 a.m.
Begin civil twilight6:44 a.m.(20 minutes of no moon & no twilight)
Sunrise7:09 a.m.
Sun transit12:36 p.m.(race ends at noon)

Phase of the Moon on 7 February: waxing gibbous with 95% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.

Sounds like we'll have a nearly-full moon (yay!!) that might be obstructed by clouds (boo!!)


Weight at start of month: 299lbs
Weight at end of month: 286lbs

January2100.5 mi
February 20.5
March 49
April 70
May 1
June 23
July 51
August 88 87
September 32 67
October 40 92.81
November 26 95
December 20 3