Jul 6, 2006

3.6 miles

Yesterday I got home from work an hour before I had to so that I could run a route that I mapped before picking up Joey. The route went from where I live (near the suffern train station) into New Jersey, around the Mahwah Train station, then back the other side of the tracks into New York and right to Joey's school where I picked him up.

It is a pretty hilly 3.6 miles or so. Didn't have the music with me (alex had the ipod) so that made it extra tough.. and I'm not very experienced running hills anyway. The run took 44 minutes.. not very hot, but quite humid. All in all, a good workout. Taking a rest day today, then a light run tomorrow, and another 6 miler on Saturday. Already at 7.5 miles, it looks like I'll run at least 15 miles this week - which would be good because that's my goal. (:

Can't wait for dry weather to return.