Jul 8, 2006

3 miles in the park; trinity is now 8-0

We had another softball game yesterday, against a very good team that just punished us last year, and we won 13-7.


The game was in Central Park on the Great Lawn. It was cool to play on one of those fields in the Park; of the hundreds of pedestrians casually walking by enjoying the park, many would stop and become spectators for a while.

Prior to the game, I took the opportunity of being in central park and did an easy 3-mile jog. Started at 7th ave and CPS, ran up the east side on park drive, to the reservoir, around it, and to the ballfields. Good run for three miles, but I hadn't eaten nearly enough that day (skipped breakfast & light lunch = really busy at work) and was completely bonked by gametime. I played my worst game of the season - I got on base twice out of three at-bats, but probably shouldn't have thanks to defensive errors. I also couldn't seem to catch anything but trivially easy throws - forget it if I had a bad hop.

After the game, someone was walking around selling gatorade - so I picked one up. It helped - I felt like I was going to faint. After the game, I had about an hour's worth of work to do at the office, where I drank a half-gallon of water - and when I got home, I ate some blueberries and a yogurt. For breakfast today it was two boiled eggs and a banana. Hopefully this will be enough for the 6 mile run I'm about to do.