Jul 10, 2006

6 Miles

...It wasn't enough.

I ran out of energy at about mile 4 and trudged through the last 2 miles at a much slower pace than the first 4. At no point did I stop jogging.

It was good for me though. I learned something about how important it is to consume enough calories if I'm going to get this 330-lb frame to run 15 miles per week. I did reach that goal, by the way- 16 1/2 miles last week with a day to spare (the week starts on monday.) I also taught myself a lesson in the mental aspects of running - that even though the rest of your body is screaming at you with all its might to stop running, your mind is ultimately in control of what you do. It's what enables people to complete things like the Badwater and Barkley Ultramarathons.

So, continue with the 15 mile-per-week schedule for a month, but consume a few more calories.

Sounds like a plan.