Jul 22, 2006

8 miles

My longest run ever today - and it was pretty much an accident.
In order to meet my goal of 15 miles every week, I had to tun 15 miles this weekend, and I spent the last 5 days slacking off. (ie. working and I didn't have time to run.) So I came up with a rather ambitious plan to run 8 miles on saturday and 7 miles on sunday, which is rather stupid, but rather smart, too. If I'm going to train for endurance, might as well run the long endurance runs, right?

So I ran eight miles today, which is the longest distance I've ever run. (The half-marathon I ran in 1991 was a lot of walking after 6 miles.) I ran it in 1 hr, 48 minutes, which is the longest time I've ever run. Taking coach Glover's advice, I ran it very slow - distance is much more important in these runs than time. Also, it was purely aerobic - at no point did I ever go into an anaerobic state - and when I got home, all I wanted to do was take a nap. It was really good for me - a good confidence booster. "I can run 8 miles without stopping." Maybe next week, I'll try nine, but then again, maybe not. (:

I got rained on.. I had to pull out my emergency ipod waterproofing system, also known as a zip-loc bag. stick it in, roll it up, and hold it in my hand while running. Hey guess what - it worked!

Course was a "yo-yo" (run it in one direction, then go back the way I came) of my 4 mile variation of the rockland lake loop.