Mar 19, 2007

fun graphs

hmm.. i'll have to stick these on somewhere..

had lunch with a good friend today. was thinking, "now what the hell can i possibly eat that won't break the diet?" sushi was the only realistic answer. so when we arrived, they had a sushi lunch for 9 bucks - 6 pieces of nigiri and a couple of rolls. I ordered it - how bad could it be? about 1000 calories bad..

oh well.

had a small breakfast (250 calories) and a really small dinner (less than 100 calories) - so i actually didn't go too far above the limit.

1357 calories today. 1037 yesterday. 1310 saturday. 1000 friday. 1115 thursday.
arg - 5 consecutive days at or above 1000.

today bodyfat: 32.6% weight: 320.8