Mar 20, 2007

my first run using the garmin GPS device

fun stuff. Here's the link:

Let's take a tour..
First thing to notice is the map on the right that displays my course. Pretty nifty. Next thing to notice is how crummy the GPS signal quality was. boo. Also notice the wildly-wrong elevation change numbers. double-boo. The course is virtually flat. The distance is slightly off - I actually ran exactly 3 miles. And trust me, the max speed, 13.5MPH, never happened. Average is pretty good though.

Click on time. Interesting data there, but it should be that "flat" was almost all of the time.

Click on distance. same deal.

Click on speed. Here you'll get my pace - 10:30. That's not a bad pace for me. At my peak last fall I was able to do it only about 35 seconds/mile faster.

Click on elevation. Everything you see here is worthless, because it's all wrong.

Click on heart rate. Here is the most interesting part. You can see heart rate "creep", where my heart rate actually increases slightly as the workout progresses, even though the speed stays the same. I spent nearly 15 minutes above 90% of my max heart rate. My resting heart rate is 52, by the way. And because it gets my heart-rate from a chest-strap sensor, this is actually accurate.

Click on laps. This will be interesting on my longer runs.. right now, with 1 lap, nothing to report.

Click no weather. I love this. It knows the time, and it knows the location - both from GPS. So it retrieves historical data from a nearby weather station and reports what the actual weather was in terms of Temperature, Wind speed, and humidity.

Click on equipment. Just information about my device, no biggie.

I love this geeky stuff!
After I do a few more runs, you will actually be able to watch "dot races", how I do against myself in different runs on the same course!

It's not on the site, but according to my watch, which knows my heart rate and my weight, I burned 1744 calories in 31 minutes today. um, wow. I wonder how accurate that is.