Mar 21, 2007

roadtrip! we leave tonight!

Tonight, I leaving for a roadtrip that I'm really excited about. It really has potential to be about as fun a roadtrip as I've ever had.

By this time tomorrow I will be in Tennessee.. and this time Friday, I'll be in El Paso or Jaurez (Mexico).. then we'll head north, and spend 3-4 days in Aspen, CO. Wednesday night, I fly home on a 1-way flight.


The tentative plan is to get 3 state highpoints - including one with an 8-mile roundtrip hike.
We're going to check out whitesands, NM.. and taste some louisiana cooking at some shreveport crayfish place..

This trip will be different from all my previous roadtrips because I won't be driving my own car.. in fact, I won't be driving at all, most of the time.
I will also have a laptop with internet access and will be able to post updates from the road.

.. really, the only thing I'm concerned about is the difficulty of keeping up with the diet while on the road. I know that I'd probably like to hit a waffle house, because that's a southern tradition for me (but, seeing that I'm not driving, it's not up to me.) And for pete's sake, I can't possibly go to mexico without having a taco or two. I also know that we're planning a backcountry barbeque while in aspen.. taking snowmobiles to some backcountry spot for a barbecue. I will avoid alcohol though.

and, of course, I will be skiing on this roadtrip.

it's about as good as it gets.