Mar 15, 2007

wednesday caloric deficit: 4472

... and that would be a record for me, that I know of.

this, of course, is according to, which i believe overestimates calorie burn. so maybe my actual caloric deficit was 3500. but heck, that still corresponds to 1 lb of weight loss in a day. Do that every day between now and mid-july and I'll be under 200!


had a 3-mile run at rockland lake yesterday. i haven't been to RL in months. not done any outdoor running since the marathon. only had one treadmill and one elliptical training session since the marathon. i thought my cardiovascular condition was a mess.. but it turns out that I was able to run the whole thing without too much difficulty, at an 11:27 pace - and I was expecting a 12:30 or even 13:00 pace. At my best, I was able to run that whole thing at a 9:55 pace.. when I broke 3 miles in 30 minutes. That was my big goal for the year.. my first running goal this year will be to get back to that with a little interest - a 5K (3.1 miles) in 30 minutes.

I can't wait to see how fast I can run when I drop 100 lbs.. (:

diet update

I was telling my wife yesterday that I wish I could fast-forward to July and bypass all of these cravings - just get to the result without the work. Wouldn't that be nice! Anyway, cravings are not quite as bad as before, actually, but still really annoying, particularly when I cook a macaroni dinner for my wife.