Mar 14, 2007

mad river glen

here is a 7-minute video of a ski run from the top of the single chair to the bottom. I was using a handheld camera in my right hand and holding both of my poles in my left hand, so I pretty much took the easiest way down. I was hoping to capture the beauty and the vibe of the place. I think the first half of the video was at least moderately as successful as can be on the groomed trails of MRG. the second half, not so much. 7 minutes.

and, pictures..

view of the mountain from the parking lot. i see lift lines, but where are the trails??

pictures of the mountain and its trails

views from the mountain
(east - mt washington, visible that day but it didn't come out in the picture, with single chair in the foreground)

(north - champlain lake was visible but it didn't come out in the photo either)

(west - high peaks of the adirondacks plainly visible, probably lake george in the fore

Single-Chair self portraits

old-school lattice towers

(at the top)

midstation (load here if you can)

Cliff under the single chair

the sign says, "weed hill." wonder what goes on there?