Mar 13, 2007

weigh-in results: 330 lbs

Well, after two weeks of restrictive eating where I can honestly say I've eaten virtually no wheat, red meat, poultry, or dairy, I weighed in yesterday at 330 lbs. I was probably 335-340 two weeks ago; i'm noticing already that clothes are a little looser. I definitely have more energy and vitality.

And after three consecutive sub-1000 calorie days, I pigged out tonight at an all-you-can-eat sushi joint. It was a conscious decision to reward myself for two weeks of discipline. I ate rice and fish - not the worst things in the world, but I did eat too much of it, probably over 2000 calories, maybe 2500. In one meal. But my only other meal today was a 400-500 calorie shake this morning. So I'm still under 3000, and I allowed myself one binge. It's cool. (:

The plan now is to stick with sub-1000 calorie days for a while. And for the first time in weeks, tonight I won't go to bed hungry.

In other news, yesterday I skied at Mad River Glen, Vermont. I went in there knowing its reputation about old-school new england skiing, and in that aspect it certainly didn't let me down. But I didn't have any idea about the sheer beauty of the place. It's going to get its own blog entry, but here is a sneak preview.

Suffice it to say, it's my new favorite place to ski, at least in the east.