Dec 13, 2007


I added four more state highpoints in 2007, bringing my total to 28. My highpointing site

Hi everyone,

On Tuesday, I broke through an unexpectedly elusive weight barrier - 270 - and saw for the first time a 26 in the beginning of my weight. I celebrated by going to Albany and eating like a pig at my company's christmas party. Now it's Thursday, I'm back to 269.8, and I'm going to use the two days I have left before leaving for California to try to drop to 265. Missing my goal by 5 lbs sounds a lot better than missing it by 10. 259, the threshold where my BMI index goes from obese to overweight, seems deceptively close, but with the way my schedule looks, it doesn't seem likely that I'll hit it in 2007, but rather January 2008. That doesn't mean it's impossible and I won't shoot for it, but I'm not counting on it either..

Not much more to write, so I'm going to keep this post short and sweet.