Jan 28, 2014

2014 Week 4

Continuing my random thoughts about my runs and anything else that comes to mind. Again, not promising to do this every day or every week. Again, I am promising to post a photo of everything I eat here: http://instagram.com/stevetursi

Jan 22
Cold and snowy out there. Normally that wouldn't bother me but I brought the wrong shoes - Newtons are great in dry conditions but they don't grip very well otherwise. So I hit the treadmill and ran hard for four miles, completing in 31:16 - 7:49 per mile. Went through 5K in 24:15 - nine second faster than my previous PR two weeks ago. And two weeks ago I had nothing to spare - today I continued for another 0.9 miles, suggesting that I could potentially break 24 if tried. This is all on the treadmill though, so it doesn't count.

Jan 23
Weight training day. Ran 1.3 miles on the treadmill in 10:20 (7:57) before squats, bench, and curls (heavy!) for an hour. Then, all you can eat sushi. The idea was this: If I'm going to sandbag, at least lift heavy before the feast so (maybe) some of it turns into muscle..
Pigging out before weighing in
Jan 24
Workplace "Biggest Loser" weigh-in. Sandbagged my way up to a 316lb weigh-in, then tried to run at sub-8 on the treadmill. Didn't work out too well, and I managed only 2.51 miles in 20 minutes. I walked another half mile so at least I'm up over 3 today. After the run I was 307lbs. Lost 9lbs in an hour. If only it always was that fast.

Jan 25
297lbs this morning, still kinda heavy but at least not over 310. Picked up Ami and Dong and headed to Rockefeller for the third Saturday in a row, where we did 11.3 miles in 2:20 or so. Nice easy-paced snowy scenic fun run. Will sleep at West Point tonight.

Jan 26
Woke up at West Point to slushy roads, single-digit temps, and with shoes that provide zero traction. Opted not to run in the morning at the academy but then by the time I got home and rested a bit I only had a few minutes to fit in the run before our bowling league, so I did it by running a loop around the lower pond at Ramapo Reservation. It was very nice. Then we went bowling where I had a really crummy day, shooting just 146-145-175 for a 471 series. I'm in a bit of a bowling slump.

Jan 27
295lbs. Time to get a four solid days of disciplined eating before a ski trip this weekend. Normal smoothie in the morning, then 5 eggs + a chocolate coffee smoothie at lunch. For dinner I had some leftover chicken salad on a muffin, then a spinach/4 egg salad with homemade vinaigrette. Somebody asked me (not the first person to ask me this, if that person is reading), "why so many eggs?" (I've been eating a lot of eggs at lunch lately.) 5 boiled eggs looks like a lot but it really isn't. Large eggs are less than 80 calories a piece - so 5 of them is merely 400 calories. Not enough for me, particularly when I'm exercising - which is why, this week, I'll add a smoothie at lunch. For my run I did a treadmill 5K in 23:58 (PR.)

Jan 28
294lbs. Breakfast and Lunch were the same as yesterday. Dinner was a turkey wrap at the gym before running with Aurora on the treadmill (neither of us were all that eager to in the cold today.) I finished that run feeling pretty beat up and also thirsty. I weighed myself down in the locker room and was surprised to see 291.. I was also dehydrated. So I went to the supermarket and bought a gallon of water (plus some brown rice sushi) and drank the whole thing.

29.5 miles in the last 7 days. Low volume, but I'm feeling just as tired as I did after the 50-mile week. Hmm.

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