Feb 5, 2014

2014 Week 5

Continuing my random thoughts about my runs and anything else that comes to mind. Again, not promising to do this every day or every week. Again, I am promising to post a photo of everything I eat here: http://instagram.com/stevetursi

Wed Jan 29
I got my ass kicked on the treadmill today, as I huffed out a mere 1.12 miles in and suffered every minute of the 11 minutes it took. Running + losing weight is tricky. 290lbs this morning, which I thought was an anomaly. But then I was 288 after the run. Breakfast and lunch were the same as the last two days. After a crummy day at work I went home and ate OK: pork chops and broccoli. But also had three heavy high-alcohol beers. 293 the next morning. hah.

Thu Jan 30
Work is still bumming me out, but fortunately Ami was willing to do 5 easy miles with me at lunch. Breakfast and lunch were the same as yesterday, but we went to Costco in the evening and dinner was a slice and a half of pizza plus half a hot dog. When I got home I had a salad. No beer though.

Fri and Sat Jan 31 and Feb 1
I'm actually writing this bit on Thursday night. Tomorrow morning I intend to wake up very early and get a mile in before going up to Belleayre to ski with some guys form church for two days. Saturday morning I'll plan to run a mile before skiing all day again. After skiing upwards of 50 days per year for a few years, this will be the first time in about 5 years I've been on the slopes. Eager to see how I do.

Monday review of Fri and Sat: Everything went according to plan (well the running and skiing did), didn't bother worrying about food and haven't had the nerve to weigh myself since. My alpine ski boots do not get along with my bad ankle, so it might be nothing but telemark for me for the future.. Still was fun though! This is my first time on alpine skis in 5 years. Great times.

January total: 153.7 miles. My highest non-marathon/ultra month ever.

Sun Feb 2
This bowling slump has got to stop. 115-108-137 for a 360 series. Holy crap. That sucks. I was lucky to break 100 in one of my games. Then I went to the track and ran a mile. Then I watched Dr. Who while eating super bowl cupcakes. This bowling slump has got to stop.

Mon Feb 3
Geez, I didn't see this snow coming. Ran 1.5 miles after work. Exhausting day at the office. Didn't eat very well today either. Not crazy bad but not good.

Tue Feb 4
Ran 30 minutes on the treadmill during lunch. 3.19 miles. I actually walked the first 10 minutes because I was still exhausted from the previous day. Food was like yesterday. Not bad but not good.

Happy hump day!