Aug 12, 2004

noah's ark!

remember when i posted last week about hiking backnone mountain in maryland in hardest rain i've ever seen? well, it must be a trend, because last night, and early this morning, we've had severe thunderstorms, oogles of rain, and damaging winds (it blew leaves off my basil plants. bastards!) we had a thunderstrom this morning at about 8:30 am - and morning thunderstroms are extremely rare. i've seen a tuhnder-snowstorm, also a rare occurance - but until today never early morning thunderstorms. and the rain! just as hard as backbone mountain. in fact, the only other time i've seen rain like this outside of the last two weeks is when i was working with the board of education last summer in staten island.. i'm driving downhill a road, in my 2-month old car, with about 6" of water (i'm not exaggerating here - there was literally 6" of water) flowing down the hill with me. I was amazed that I was even able to keep control of the car - it was that bad. water was shooting OUT of the stormdrains like a geyser.. and i saw cars trapped in water 2 feet deep, 100 feet from the harbor (actually the kill) that the water was flowing into.

that is how hard it rained this morning, last night, and on backbone mountain..

it was crazy.

oops, gotta go back to the machine. i'm doing more laundry today than any human being should be allowed to do in a week...

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