Feb 28, 2007


I am not catholic, but I like the idea of lent. I think it's good to give up an indulgence for a period of time - it develops self-discipline and character - not to mention it can be very healthy.

But since I'm not catholic, Ash Wednesday came and went last week without a second thought to me, and without of first thought of its lent implication. And over the weekend, I found myself very sluggish and unmotivated - I didn't even want to go skiing! So, still not realizing it was lent, yesterday I resolved to eat a little healthier for the day, and as a result I stopped at a fruit stand on the way to a client yesterday and bought $7.52 worth of produce - an orange, a bunch of grapes, two peaches, two nectarines, a green pear, a red pear, and a thing of dates. This was after having a protein shake with blueberries for breakfast - and I was planning on eating a salad for dinner.

So it was yesterday evening, while driving from the client to Costco to buy salad greens, where it occurred to me that we were already nearly a week into lent. And, I had not eaten any dairy, meat, or wheat or other grain-based products yesterday. Could I continue one or more of those for the next 39 days? Since I'm not catholic, the official dates of lent are pretty much irrelevant to me.. so I actually started 5 days after Ash Wednesday, I could just finish 5 days after Holy Thursday. no big deal. (The bigger deal is what if my gastrointestinal system doesn't get used to the massive amounts of raw fruits and vegetables that I'll eat? Yesterday was.. interesting.)

That aside, pressing on me this morning was the following question - which of the three - wheat, dairy, or meat - do I continue to avoid? And that's not the only question - if I give up wheat, do I give up other grains such as rice and barley? If I give up meat, do I give up fish, too? I guess I should have decided this already, but it's such an informal thing to me anyway that I guess I'm not taking it very seriously - as long as I complete the period having given up something, I'll be happy.

At any rate, right now I am leaning towards giving up wheat, because that is something that I intend to overindulge in (yum, pizza.) If I go that route, I probably won't eat meat or dairy for a few more days anyway, just because after my sluggishness over the weekend, I think I need to cleanse and recharge.

I'll also give up alcohol, because - why the hell not?

Feb 23, 2007

marathon countdown

official announcement:
I will be running the Philadephia Marathon this year.

I had been planning on running DC, but a friend has asked me (actually "called me out") to run philly with him. (:


It is 267 days, 21 hours, 39 minutes and 23 seconds until Sunday, November 18, 2007 at 8:00:00 AM (Philadelphia time)

that is

267 days
6429 hours
385779 minutes
23146763 seconds


Feb 14, 2007


Reminder, it's still going to be snowing all night. These pictures were taken within two hours of dusk..

Feb 13, 2007

IT. IS. EFFIN. ON!!!!!


I'm hearing as much as 50 INCHES of snow at eastern-facing slopes of Killington..
(it'll probably be 2-3 feet.. which I'll take..)

leaving tonight. 230 miles. Looks like I got out in front of the storm..


Feb 10, 2007

Joey skiing 2006-02-10

There are two magic carpets at the base of Ram's Head mountain at Killington. He just turned 3 years old 4 days ago, and he's already on the large one.

It was during this run that he decided he likes to eat snowflakes.

Ok, lets get to the actual skiing. He's looking really good, especially compared to how he did back in december!

... and he's looking even better in this video.

Of course, he still falls down a lot, just like daddy.

Feb 9, 2007

EVIDENCE - that my beloved country... has lost its effin mind

Spongebob Squarepants, a children's cartoon character, is accused by multiple christian groups not only of being gay, but that kids who watch spongebob will grow up to become gay. Media goes apeshit. And people believe it.
Media goes absolutely apeshit over michael jackson being accused of being a freak molestor. some people don't believe it.
Media and Congress goes absolutely apeshit over janet jackson's tit.
Media goes absolutely apeshit over an actress model that I (and half the people I talk to) only vaguely know about.

Feb 7, 2007

don't friggin insult me

I'm sitting in the waiting room of this doctor's office for 2 hours now (arrived at 10:30, it is now 12:30), and I'm getting some work done on my laptop. I have it plugged into the receptacle here. No big deal, time is going quickly.

5 minutes ago, a nurse came out and told me to unplug the laptop. why? because someone did this and "it blew the circuit for the x-ray machine."

first of all, my ac adaptor draws 2.4 amps. nothing.

but second of all, any electrician that wired a waiting room receptacle into the same circuit as an x-ray machine is a complete and total retard.

and gee, I wonder if x-ray machines are even 120 volts? I don't know any better, but if I had to guess, I'd say they're in a 220-volt circuit. I could be wrong.

in other words, I don't believe a word of it.

If they don't want to pay the .03 ¢ (that's one-third of a penny) for the juice it costs to operate this laptop for an hour, just tell me - I'm going to be annoyed, but at least I can run on batteries. but don't friggin insult my intelligence with such a stupid miserable lie. Because even though I'm running on batteries, instead of annoyed, I'm pissed off.

Here's the doctor's office I'm at:
HealthMed plus
200 Route 59
Suffern, NY 10901
Stephen A. Klein, M.D.

In the future, I'm going to try to go someplace else instead. Mahwah medical has always been good to me.

To make matters worse, "the view" was on the waiting room TV. Rosie O'Donell was modeling a blouse from TJ Max. Seriously. And considering the demographic of the room at the time, I wasn't getting that channel changed.

it's like purgatory on earth.



as seen on TGR:

There was this guy in middle school named Sam.
Sam was hilarious.

So, this one day, in Ms. Pritchard's World Geography class, Sam sticks a cheeto solidly in each ear.

15 minutes or so later, as we're reviewing the capitals of Africa, she calls on Sam.


Sam does not respond.


Sam still does not respond.


Sam glances up from his doodling, pretends to notice for the first time that Ms. Pritchard is calling on him, and responds with a confused look on his face:

"I'm sorry Ms. Pritchard, but I can't hear you. You see, I have a cheeto stuck in my ear!"

"Sam, take the cheetos out of your ears, this minute!"

"Ms. Pritchard, can you speak up? It's very hard to hear with these cheetos in my ears. I'm really sorry."


"Ms. Pritchard? May be excused? I need to go to the bathroom. I have cheetos stuck in my ears!"


"Ms. Pritchard, do you like Cheetos? I have some in my ears you know."

Greets to Yossarian

Feb 5, 2007

cell-phone internet

right now i'm in the back seat of a car going 72-miles per hour on mile 68.4 of the New York State Thruway..

on my lap is a computer and sticking out the side of it is a verizon internet card.

Cell-phone internet is cool.

...maybe I ought to get some work done, instead of writing this.


mood - thirsty - because it's on the "mood" list, and a glass of water would be nice right now.