Feb 7, 2007

don't friggin insult me

I'm sitting in the waiting room of this doctor's office for 2 hours now (arrived at 10:30, it is now 12:30), and I'm getting some work done on my laptop. I have it plugged into the receptacle here. No big deal, time is going quickly.

5 minutes ago, a nurse came out and told me to unplug the laptop. why? because someone did this and "it blew the circuit for the x-ray machine."

first of all, my ac adaptor draws 2.4 amps. nothing.

but second of all, any electrician that wired a waiting room receptacle into the same circuit as an x-ray machine is a complete and total retard.

and gee, I wonder if x-ray machines are even 120 volts? I don't know any better, but if I had to guess, I'd say they're in a 220-volt circuit. I could be wrong.

in other words, I don't believe a word of it.

If they don't want to pay the .03 ¢ (that's one-third of a penny) for the juice it costs to operate this laptop for an hour, just tell me - I'm going to be annoyed, but at least I can run on batteries. but don't friggin insult my intelligence with such a stupid miserable lie. Because even though I'm running on batteries, instead of annoyed, I'm pissed off.

Here's the doctor's office I'm at:
HealthMed plus
200 Route 59
Suffern, NY 10901
Stephen A. Klein, M.D.

In the future, I'm going to try to go someplace else instead. Mahwah medical has always been good to me.

To make matters worse, "the view" was on the waiting room TV. Rosie O'Donell was modeling a blouse from TJ Max. Seriously. And considering the demographic of the room at the time, I wasn't getting that channel changed.

it's like purgatory on earth.


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