Feb 7, 2007


as seen on TGR:

There was this guy in middle school named Sam.
Sam was hilarious.

So, this one day, in Ms. Pritchard's World Geography class, Sam sticks a cheeto solidly in each ear.

15 minutes or so later, as we're reviewing the capitals of Africa, she calls on Sam.


Sam does not respond.


Sam still does not respond.


Sam glances up from his doodling, pretends to notice for the first time that Ms. Pritchard is calling on him, and responds with a confused look on his face:

"I'm sorry Ms. Pritchard, but I can't hear you. You see, I have a cheeto stuck in my ear!"

"Sam, take the cheetos out of your ears, this minute!"

"Ms. Pritchard, can you speak up? It's very hard to hear with these cheetos in my ears. I'm really sorry."


"Ms. Pritchard? May be excused? I need to go to the bathroom. I have cheetos stuck in my ears!"


"Ms. Pritchard, do you like Cheetos? I have some in my ears you know."

Greets to Yossarian

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