Jan 29, 2006

World-Record cliff jump

Jamie Pierre

Skied off this 245-ft cliff the other day

Thus, setting a new world record.

Jan 28, 2006

a function worth stealing

I've stolen so much code in my lifetime, I thought I'd return the favor. I wrote this because I couldn't find an example to steal from.


It's a nifty little thing to help your users pick a date on a form.

have fun..

Jan 24, 2006

Bill Joel 2006/01/23 8pm


Angry Young Man
Everybody Loves You Now
Ballad of Billy the Kid
New York State of Mind
Great Wall of China
All for Leyna
Goodnight Saigon
Movin' Out
An Innocent Man
Big Man on Mulberry Street
The Midnight Hour (Tribute to recently deceased Wilson Pickett)
Keeping the Faith
She's Always a Woman
River of Dreams
I Go to Extremes
We Didn't Start the Fire
Big Shot
Still Rock and Roll to Me
You May be Right

Only the Good Die Young
Scenes from an Italian Restaurant
Piano Man

Jan 20, 2006


So I've not been home to accept the delivery of my woot-purchased Roomba this week - no big deal, I figure - I'll just run by the FedEx building; itself enourmous, located on a large highway, with a large fedex sign on the street, with a customer pickup sign on the door; this evening - and when I handed the slip to the guy behind the counter he said, "oh, no sir - this is a ground package - we're an express office. Oh yeah, the ground office is closed on weekends."

Yeah, that might be a nifty setup for FedEx - but to me, it's just annoying.

Jan 18, 2006

penn station

There is a sign in penn station. on on that sign a smaller sign is scotched-taped in the middle of it. the smaller sign says about the larger sign, "sign out of service."
Maybe I'm the only guy walking through Penn Station today who caught the irony.

Every morning on my way to work, I walk by a 6-foot rotating lobster suspended above the sidewalk. Tourists take pictures in front of it.

The Lobster is merely 1 block before the guy who every day asks me while tring to hand me a small sheet of paper if I've ever been to a comedy show. He's standing next to a guy with a portable credit-card processing machine who wants to sell me a ticket to ride on the double-decker bus, but who by now knows better than to waste his breath asking me.

Another half-block and I am safe in the refuge of my building, where the security guards who know my name refer to me as Mr. Tursi (not that I am special, they would refer to the receptionist by Mr. Lastname if the receptionist wasn't himself a security guard,) and where I can get a nice freshly-prepared egg sandwich on the 16th floor cafeteria which doesn't take cash - they swipe my security badge as payment - the machine that adds money to my security badge account takes cash - and which has it's own web site, and if you were to visit this web site you'd see a dizzying array of promotions such as submit a recipe and win $50 to your security badge account, which are probably paid attention to only by HR execs. They have coffee, but I seldom see anyone buying coffee from the cafeteria because each floor has a pantry, and in that pantry, next to the vending machine, the fridge/freezer, and the microwave there is a 4-foot tall stack of paper cups and a Flavia coffee machine which takes no payment.

Hey, did I mention the sign in penn station that was posted on a larger sign and said "Sign out of service?" That was pretty funny.

Jan 15, 2006

Livejournal syndication

Sat down today and took a few minutes to figure out how to get the Livejournal RSS feed into my personal web site. Given that I have zero RSS experience and not much more XML, it was easier than I thought it would be.

So now you can read all my livejournal entries on http://tursi.com/steve, or you can get to them through livejournal itself. You may choose which one you prefer - but be sure to choose wisely. If you want to comment on a post I make, you have to do it through the Livejournal interface (which is easy enough to get to from my site.)

Jan 7, 2006

I'll give $100 to anyone who..

I swear to god, I'll give $100 cash to anyone who can give me a good, rational reason why disabling right-clicks on your web site to protect your "copyright rights" is a good idea. But a word of warning: if you try to make a claim on you hundred bucks, I am going to relentlessly berate you until you realize how much of a clueless moron you are.

email me steve@tursi.com

case in point: http://www.brooklyntabernacle.org/home.cfm.

And yes, I can disable javascript in two clicks - but that doesn't make it any better. If you do this on your web sites, you are both stupid and annoying.

Jan 3, 2006

Great skiing

I was at Killington this weekend and I can say without a doubt that sunday was my best day in three years.
It was amazing.. I was pushing myself to do more difficult stuff and I could actually notice my skillz improving as the day went on. Bluebird skies, not too crowded, good friends, and lots of fun.

So I'm all psyched, feeling somewhat redeemed for the dissapointing week at Whistler when Landis, who was with me in Whistler but is now visiting his parents in SoCal, calls me. Told me that he took an unexpected impulse trip to Mammoth the other day, which is receiving an epic storm right now. I mean it is just getting nuked. Bottom line - he can't get out of the area (roads are blocked) so he has nothing to do but stay there and ski neck-deep powder. "Steve, today was unbelieavable. I've never seen anything like it!"

now i'm jealous..

the bastard.