Mar 16, 2008

Totals update

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It's the ides of march, let's check in for a quick update on my annual running total so far. Brace yourself, it's quite pathetic. This week actually wasn't too bad - 29 miles. More than January and February combined. heh, actually, it's more than the entire rest of the year combined, other types of exercise (swim, spin, weights) notwithstanding. And today's 17-mile run gave me the confidence I needed to know I'll at least finish the 50K next month. Anyway, onto the numbers:

January: 2 miles
February: 20.5 miles
March as of the 16th: 36 miles

Total in 2008: 58.5 miles.

Goal I set last year for 2008 was 2000 miles. I have a lot of catching up to do. Not sure if it's even possible right now, but I'm not going to revise that goal just yet.

Mar 3, 2008

New races added to Calendar

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As of today, I have officially entered the lottery to enter the NYC marathon in 2008.

This is my fourth year entering the lottery, and my third consecutive year. So far I am 0 for 3 BUT if I don't get picked this year I should have a guaranteed entry in 2009, due to missing three consecutive years. I hope it doesn't come to that but if it does, I'm already psyched to finally get in. And I will do a big city ginormous marathon in 2008 - if not New York, then probably Chicago or Marine Corps. Philadelphia was a large marathon with about 10,000 people, but not a huge one. Las Vegas had only 6000 people doing the full 26.2. Self-Transcendence and Breakers marathons were both under 800. So I haven't had a huge marathon yet..


I will be entering the Grand Teton 50 miler on Labor Day weekend. More on that later. Yes, I am still doing the Vermont 50m on September 30th.

I have also committed to attempting to pull a 160-lb load up the sherburne trail to tuckerman ravine in New Hampshire. I rigged up a sled over the weekend, and will be training by skinning up campgaw with the sled fully loaded with snow. If I make it all the way to the bowl, I will enter the Pittsfield Peaks Death Race in June.

So my race calendar now has something to look forward to every month in 2008, at least until ski season starts:

April 11: Tuckerman Ravine
April 20: Lake Waramaug 50K Connecticut
May 18: Mountainman Duathlon run 9.76K, bike 36.6K, run 4.85K Ascutney, VT
June: Pittsfield Peaks death race
July 19: Vermont 100 (I'm going to pace somebody over the last 50K or so)
August 30: Grand Teton 50 mile endurance run
September 28: Vermont 50 Mile endurance run Ascutney Vt
Sept-Oct (date hasn't been set yet): Pfalz point challenge 10 miles, gunks
November 2: NYC Marathon (if I get in - if not, some other major gigantic marathon like Chicago or Marine Corps)