Nov 10, 2015

Brain Dump: NJ One Day 24-hour fixed time

"24 hour race, two weeks after a 100 miler. Seemed like a good idea at the time."

I posted that to facebook six hours into the race, but it only took about six miles before I knew I wouldn't be reaching any "a" goals that day. But I did reach my absolute minimum of 80 miles.

"sitting on a park bench..."
This report is going to be brief -
  • Oddly enough, from one point of view, I actually PR'd this race. I've never broken 80 miles in a 24 hour race before. On the other hand, in ever 100 mile race I've ever finished, I've always been well past 80 at the 24 hour point. 
  • This is my third year running this race, and my scores were 78 miles in 2013, 79 miles in 2014, and 80 miles in 2015.
  • Melissa rocks. My attitude was kind of shitty overnight and she hung through it thick and thin.
  • NJ Trail Series rocks. They really built something special with this race and with the May version of it.
  • In my last report, I wrote that I can't do more than a few of these per year. This race tested and proved that statement. I actually physically feel ok, but I'm mentally drained.
  • My next monster ultra is Umstead in spring of 2016, and I'm not planning on doing anything major before then. Right now I just want to binge-watch netflix and play video games.
  • .. and lose weight. Gained about 25 lbs since April and boy I can really feel it.
  • Despite everything I just said, Umstead is going to be awesome. It's 20 weeks away and when I decided that I won't do anything major until then, I got really excited about it.
Melissa, you're the best. Thanks.