Oct 9, 2005

A Project Completed

It took about a year and a half, a whole bunch of Netflix rentals, a few damaged discs, a lot of interesting movies and a few bad ones, but as of Saturday, October 8th, I have officially completed my 100 movies project. The last two movies were relatively tough to get a hold of, as one was out of print and I actually had to buy it off Ebay (Double Indemnity.) Another one, Oldboy, was completely unavailable for about 6 months until a U.S. DVD release was made (the movie was disturbingly bad and has actually since been bumped off the top 100 list.)

Now that I've completed that project, I'm searching for something else to add meaning to my life..

By the way, if you go to my company's web site, you'll see that I'm no longer accepting clients. 60-70 hours a week at my current employer is enough. (:

Oct 1, 2005

First time rappeling

My first time today...

My buddy's first time, too..

Quote of the day, by my buddy's wife:
"When I get my mid-life crisis, I'm buying a Porshe."

We just did a small cliff today.. about 15 feet. Enough to scare us.. We're going to go back with some more experienced people and do this sucker:

(pete is pointed out for scale)

obligatory photo of me throwing a rope off the big cliff:

View the entire gallery here: http://turzman.com/galleries/rap_2005-10-01/