Apr 4, 2009

Joe's first ballgame



Playing 2nd base, a ball is hit right to Joe. Instead of using his glove, he attempts to use his hand to catch the ball. It goes by him. He runs after it and picks it up. He then proceeds to run with the baseball to the home plate umpire. Meanwhile the other team is running the bases around him. None of the players understood the significance of this.


While playing an inning at left field, Joe found himself frustrated that no balls came to him. In the bottom of that inning, he finds himself as a baserunner, standing at second base. The batter hits a ball to left field. Instead of running to third, he runs out to get the ball. None of the players understood the significance of this.


They don't keep score in this league. Games are just for fun. While I am philosophically opposed to this idea for reasons we've all heard, today I learned that, as a practical matter, keeping score is pointless. none of the kids know how to catch. only a few know how to throw. outs would only occur by the means of sheer luck. the vast majority of kids lack even a basic understanding of the rules of baseball.


but at least they look good in their uniforms..


A bunch more pictures (taken with my brand new camera!) here: http://picasaweb.google.com/pizzapizza/20090404

Apr 1, 2009

why have i been so quiet on this blog?

well, i have actually have a few posts "written.." but I've not been able to get myself to actually "post" any of them..

Why? Seth Godin published a blog post today which actually sums it up perfectly:
Exceeding expectations (or don't bother)

Today, as you've no doubt discovered, is April Fools, the official holiday of the web.

I had, as I do every year, a fools post written and queued up. (It was about JD Salinger and the Dalai Lama as twitter users.) It was good, not great.

So I posted nothing.

I couldn't exceed my (or your) expectations, so I posted nothing.

That's a brave thing to do and a good feeling as well. Next time all you have is 'good', try nothing on for size.

as far as a running update: I'm slightly sick. for 3 weeks now. makes running hard, so I've pretty much taken these three weeks off.