Apr 1, 2009

why have i been so quiet on this blog?

well, i have actually have a few posts "written.." but I've not been able to get myself to actually "post" any of them..

Why? Seth Godin published a blog post today which actually sums it up perfectly:
Exceeding expectations (or don't bother)

Today, as you've no doubt discovered, is April Fools, the official holiday of the web.

I had, as I do every year, a fools post written and queued up. (It was about JD Salinger and the Dalai Lama as twitter users.) It was good, not great.

So I posted nothing.

I couldn't exceed my (or your) expectations, so I posted nothing.

That's a brave thing to do and a good feeling as well. Next time all you have is 'good', try nothing on for size.

as far as a running update: I'm slightly sick. for 3 weeks now. makes running hard, so I've pretty much taken these three weeks off.

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