Mar 23, 2006

a story

So I went to a Libertarian club of Orange County (Calif.) meeting about 10 years ago, where the party's candidate for the U.S. senate was going to make an appearance.

So what's the first thing this person say to me when I went to shake his hand?


Finally, a politician who is honest enough to speak his mind.

I voted for him.

Mar 7, 2006

as seen in finius t flubberbusters

A duel was lately fought in texas between alexandre shott and john nott. It was rumored that nott was shot, and shott was not. (If so, it was better to be shott than nott) but it was afterwards proved that the shot shott shot at nott shot shott by accident, and the shot nott shot at shott shot past, and so shot him not. Thus the affair resolved itself into its original elements, and shott was shot and nott was not.

Ooooh, London..

Well, its been a whole week since I've come back from London, so I figure its high time to tell you about it:

it's nice.