May 27, 2006

The hottest dish in NYC

According to the NY Post, the hottest dish you can buy in any NYC restaurant is the Phaal at Brick Lane Curry House, located at 2nd Ave and 6th Street.

No problem.

Here I am enjoying the free beer they give you when you finish it.

They'll also put a picture of me on their web site, where I'll join about 50 people who have done it before me in their "P'hall of fame." I sent in the picture, I guess they'll post it soon.

Most importantly, I won a dollar from Landis, who made a bet that I couldn't finish the meal. I am proudly displaying that dollar in my office.


May 25, 2006

Steve writes poetry

I don't think this has ever happened before - an original poem by steve.

a haiku? What's that?
oh - five, then seven, then five
I love you, wiki


The ghost of usenet postings past

Well, here are my ghosts.. There's not too many of them.

My very first usenet posting appears to be this:
a test message. How nice. I remember that I got a lot of spam for posting this. This was before the word spam was associated with spam. August 1, 1996

Looks like I went straight to forums about what entertained me at the time - talk radio.

Jeff Levy. He had some deal with the ISP I was working at.. he'd come by the office from time to time. He didn't impress us much. Oct 9, 1996

I remember mr. kfi (now mr. kabc), but I have no idea who david hall is. Oct 9, 1996.

Ahh, alt.Tasteless.jokes. I remember reading this thing a lot, but I didn't remember posting in it. Apparently, I did.
My ass is an exit only. Oct 17, 1996.

My first practical use of usenet appears to have been technical support.
Javascript question. Oct 17. 1996.
Doing the tech support thing a couple years later. Jan 5, 1998.

I was briefly active in tech support forums. I only vaguely remember this stuff.

Lusers? wow.. how clever. April 15, 1997.

Sounding off about a tech support call I got. That is actually the only call I still remember. April 18, 1997.
Whacks vs. Backs. April 11, 1997.
You're an idiot and you shouldn't be allowed near a keyboard. April 9, 1997

Billy Joel stuff. This is cool.
His new stuff isn't as good as his old stuff, but he's not lazy. I don't remember this at all. Jun 23, 1997.
Offering to be helpful. again. Jun 20, 1997.

I was playing with the toastmasters groups, back when I was involved.
Here I am blabbing about some stuff nobody cared about. Feb 12, 2002.
Answering a quorum question. How exciting. Feb 14, 2002.
I guess I was trying to be helpful. Feb 12, 2002.
I like PB too. Feb 25, 2002.

More recently, I was going to be an EMT after the ski patrol thing didn't work out.
heh. politics and emergency services. Don't remember this at all. Apr 5, 2003

Other stuff..
My sister registered libertarian and decided to announce it on the internet. This is me congratulating her, probably a year after the post. Feb 21, 2003

May 21, 2006

visited the highpoint of brooklyn

Here's joey at the highest grave in brooklyn..

Oh yeah, it's also the highest natural point in brooklyn.

This pic is from.. a few weeks ago, I guess. It was a saturday.


May 19, 2006

googling myself

You should try it some time.. it yields some interesting results.

google search term: "steve tursi" (or) "steven tursi"

lots of old stuff comes up. I wrote a movie review back for a "bad-movie only" site in 1997.. and again in '99.

A bunch of old rate results..

I posted in a geneology forum once.

I had a brief career as an unpaid column writer

Restaurant reviews (I think you used to get a T-shirt if you wrote 20..)

Pledges/Petitions I signed:

The #1 result for a "steven" variety web search has my amazon reviews page. hmmm..

I was hoping that my highpointers stuff where I'm mentioned would be at the top, but most of it is buried: (#3 result.. for "steven" damn..)'s+Highpointing+Page+to+Highponters+Web+Ring
(plus a number of message board comments)

How many counties have you been to?

At least one of my friends has a website linked to mine:

Or gave me credit for sites I did:

My brother's site has my name on it somewhere:

Some internet scrape'r picked up some old stuff.
Here's an amazon scrape'r.

There are other Steven Tursis in the world..

Here is some pilot with the same name as me:

Here is some PR guy for Walmart:

Here is a guy who ran a 5K about 4 minutes faster than I can:

Some guy was on some team for something:

Some investigator

What the hell is "smallball?" (My brother and I on the same team??)

Then there's the ghost of usenet postings past.. maybe some other time.


May 9, 2006

suffern is cool..

So my wife's hair salon is in downtown suffern, a block from where we live and attached to a 100-year old movie theatre. Driving by it yesterday, we noticed something strange.. The sign trhat normally says "salon atelier" was being covered with a crudely-painted "hardware store" sign. It didn't make sense.. Alex wondered if it was a goof.. I didn't think much of it.

Well, today I walked out to catch a train and a bus which normally runs on main street was cruising down my block. There seemed to be a lot more traffic. It was a minute before I saw the detour signs.. They had closed main street for some reason. I didn't have much time, but curiosity got the best of me and I went to see what was going on. Lo and behold, a bunch of 50s era cars were parked out there! Naturally, I think "neat, a car show..", until I noticed that the marquee on the old theatre (attached to the hair salon turned hardware store) said "rebel without a cause."

So they're filming a movie, a block from my house!

I wish I had my camera.. I almost blew off my train to go inside and get it so I could take a few pictures.. For better or for worse, however, good sense prevailed and I went to work.

So that's where I am right now.. Sitting on a train, somewhere in north jersey, punching the keys on my pda..

May 1, 2006

ski season over, time to run..

Over the weekend, I went killington to get all my stuff out of the ski house. Driving by myself, it took just 3 hrs 20 minutes (7:18pm to 10:38pm) to travel the 230 miles because I made no stops. My housemates had already gone to bed (or they didn't get home yet!) so I went straight to sleep. I was awake at 6am, so I laid in bed for a while before I got up, took a shower, packed all the stuff in the house into my car, and headed home. I would have skied, but there was stuff to do back home. Today, after a pretty miserable winter, is the last day of lift-serviced skiing at Killington. Unless I go south of the equator, it's likely that I won't ski again until late fall.

Time to start running again...

I lost about 50 lbs between April and August of last year by running 3 miles about twice per week. I plan to do something similar this year, even though it's no longer convenient for me to go to my normal running spot (rockland lake) because I now work in the city. The best place to run near my office, which is in times square, is central park or the west side waterfront. I haven't run consistently since early August when I injured my ankle while running. The ankle was healed within a month, but I never consistently got back into it. As a result, I've gained about 25 lbs since starting this job, which, while mentally challenging and fun, is physically very sedentary.

Another thing to get me working out again is softball. The league my church team plays in has fields all over manhattan, but the most of our games seem to be on Roosevelt Island, which, for those of you who are geographically challenged, runs between the city and queens in the middle of the east river and is maybe a mile or two long. A lap around that before games would make a great impromptu workout..

So the goal right now is to run twice a week.. I don't care about the distance yet... I'll increase that to three times/week soon.