May 19, 2006

googling myself

You should try it some time.. it yields some interesting results.

google search term: "steve tursi" (or) "steven tursi"

lots of old stuff comes up. I wrote a movie review back for a "bad-movie only" site in 1997.. and again in '99.

A bunch of old rate results..

I posted in a geneology forum once.

I had a brief career as an unpaid column writer

Restaurant reviews (I think you used to get a T-shirt if you wrote 20..)

Pledges/Petitions I signed:

The #1 result for a "steven" variety web search has my amazon reviews page. hmmm..

I was hoping that my highpointers stuff where I'm mentioned would be at the top, but most of it is buried: (#3 result.. for "steven" damn..)'s+Highpointing+Page+to+Highponters+Web+Ring
(plus a number of message board comments)

How many counties have you been to?

At least one of my friends has a website linked to mine:

Or gave me credit for sites I did:

My brother's site has my name on it somewhere:

Some internet scrape'r picked up some old stuff.
Here's an amazon scrape'r.

There are other Steven Tursis in the world..

Here is some pilot with the same name as me:

Here is some PR guy for Walmart:

Here is a guy who ran a 5K about 4 minutes faster than I can:

Some guy was on some team for something:

Some investigator

What the hell is "smallball?" (My brother and I on the same team??)

Then there's the ghost of usenet postings past.. maybe some other time.


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