Mar 16, 2008

Totals update

Horseplay in the burrito joint

It's the ides of march, let's check in for a quick update on my annual running total so far. Brace yourself, it's quite pathetic. This week actually wasn't too bad - 29 miles. More than January and February combined. heh, actually, it's more than the entire rest of the year combined, other types of exercise (swim, spin, weights) notwithstanding. And today's 17-mile run gave me the confidence I needed to know I'll at least finish the 50K next month. Anyway, onto the numbers:

January: 2 miles
February: 20.5 miles
March as of the 16th: 36 miles

Total in 2008: 58.5 miles.

Goal I set last year for 2008 was 2000 miles. I have a lot of catching up to do. Not sure if it's even possible right now, but I'm not going to revise that goal just yet.

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  1. Mental Toughness... through this you WILL accomplish ANYTHING.

    Don't be a stranger ;)