Aug 13, 2004

RIP Julia Child

I'm going to miss all the great meals she cooked for me.

She and I had a cookoff one day. Since I kick ass at everything, the food i cooked (lobster rissoto) stomped her food into oblivion. hte lobster actually came back to life, walked over to her food (some french piece of crap), stomped all over it, took a dump on it, and walked back to my dish where it promptly died again so the two of us could enjoy eating it thanks to my supreme culinary skills.

so even though i kicked her ass at cooking, i did respect her abilities, which is why I let her cook my meals when I was out kicking ass at everything. too bad the lobster didn't.

(Maddox is my inspiration for posts like this.. so though my posts are original writing, the concept is not, and I must give credit to he who truly rules, maddox.)

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