Dec 30, 2004

month prefixes..

ever wonder why the ninth, tenth, eleventh, and twelfth months of the year have prefixes indicating that they should be the seventh, eight, ninth, and tenth months of the year? you haven't? well i have - and I found the answer to this interesting bit of information this morning when i read the latest straight dope.

Turns out that there used to be only ten months in the year, march being the first month! in ancient rome, the period between december and march wasn't counted because, being the middle of the winter, the agricultural culture didn't need it. so sept, meaning 7; oct, meaning 8; nov, roughly meaning 9; and dec; meaning ten, were just numbers of the months. Further more, July and August, renamed after roman emporers, were originally called "Quintilis," or fifth; and Sextilis, now august, was the sixth month.

you can read the article here. and spock said, "fascinating."

not a low-key new years for me. i'm going up to vermont to my ski house tomorrow afternoon - my house is hosting a party. new years day and jan 2nd will be spent skiing, and i'll come home in the afternoon on sunday. my wife, unable to come this weekend, will stay home with the baby and have a few of our friends over for midnight.

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