Dec 14, 2004

no posts in a while..

it's now december. haven't posted since august. interesting. well, not much has been going on. joey is now ten months old, is crawling and can even stand when he's holding on to something. i'm working at some insignificant job, and my brother is a college graduate. that's about it.

i am actually about to finish a college class - all that is left is to turn in the final paper. 6 pages of typed dibble-dabble and i'm done. this was an experiment to see how well i could do and to try to meet some local people - don't know too many people in the area yet. turns out that the class i took, english 102, was a fascinating class with a very good teacher (who happens to proclaim himself as the most difficult english teacher at the college.) well, he is pretty tough, but he's a very good professor who relates well with the students and has a genuine interest in the subject matter.

now that i'm about to pass that class (with a probable A, by the way), i am looking forward to seeing what else i can take. should i return to the EMT course of study, or should i go into a more scientific field? i'm not in this for a degree, per se, but rather to get myself interested in something. seriously. and perhaps to meet some people.

skiing is going fine, i've only got three days in so far this year, but it's also the busy season at work so that won't be a trend. i'm up to 17 highpoints and have taken on writing a column in the quarterly highpointers club newsletter. other than that, i've got a headache.

ttyl. here's to a shorter lag before my next blog.

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