Apr 8, 2005

the whitest thing i've ever seen.

so i have a friend from california who is a high school teacher, and he and about a dozen students (all seniors) are in new york on some high school trip. he asked me to recommend, and go with them, to get some "really good food" in new york.

after a little discussion, it was decided that we'd go to dinosaur bbq in harlem.

the kids are typical orange county white kids - 6-figure parents, sterile concrete garden communities, completely shielded from the realities of life. if i had to describe them in one word, it would be WonderBread.

to make a long story short, when we got off the train at 125th street, we walked past a barber shop, when one of the girls commented, "hey i ought to go in there and get my hair done. then when i come out, i can walk around harlem saying, 'yo; i'm black.'" the horrible fake accent was nothing compared to the fact that a black woman, walking the opposite direction, was right in front of us when she said it.

as i covered my face in humiliation, the other kids scolded her because "the harlem people heard (her)."

the rest of the evening went off without a hitch though - they loved the barbeque and we got to meet the owner!!

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