Jun 22, 2005


I am on the most radical diet ever. It's called the EAT LESS AND EXERCISE MORE diet. This diet is so cutting edge and so rare that there's hardly any books out there about it and many people don't know about it. But as you can see, there are some amazing results with this.

I didn't take a photo at the beginning of the diet, but here's a really good source photo demonstrating where I was:

(Self portrait at summit of Sassafras Mountain, highpoint of South Carolina, Nov 5, 2004.)

And here is a picture of me taken earlier today, June 22, 05.

I've lost about 15% of my goal at this point, and it's starting to suck. Mundane, constant hunger, don't want to exercise, etc. So I anonymously asked for some motivational thoughts on a public message board (and did not give any background information.) I gave an example: "hunger is what it feels like to have fat leaving your body."

Here are some selected responses:

"A smaller gut makes your penis look bigger."

"I lost 90lbs (265 to 175) in 4 months and have kept it off for over a year now.
By eating healthy, cutting out junk and running frequently."

"I don't have any words to motivate you, but I'll tell you this: getting healthy is worth every bit of effort you expend to do it. And then some.
//lost 170+
///kept it off
////loves slashes"

"Motivation: Being able to see your dick is a good thing. If you can see it, odds are greater that more chicks will want to see it."

"Seriously, don't give up. You'll feel a bajillion times better... no shortness of breath, you'll have more energy, less soreness and stiffness, more self-confidence, etc."

"If you're a cross-dresser, it will be a lot easier to find sexy dresses in smaller sizes. If that's your thing...and I'm not saying it is. But if it is, yep, easier to find dresses."

"When I go to the doctor they tell me I'm in great health. It's totally worth it. Just wait until your friends are older and getting fat because they never exercised. You'll end up the one in good shape while they struggle to start getting healthy.
/used to be a fat chick
//now eats the correct number of sammiches"

"'Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.'
Also, the more you do it, the more your body will get used to healthy food and exercise, and will crave it, so it won't be as hard to get yourself to follow the plan, etc."

A couple extra comments on that one:
1. "This is so true. I used to be a fast food fiend in college as I never had time to fix anything substantial and the dollar menu was my friend. I have since stopped eating fast food and on the rare occasion that I do, it always tastes like refried ass. Give me a good grilled chicken breast anyday."

2. "This is absolutely true. You get addicted to exercise after a while. I wish I were again. I'm stuck in the office wishing I could go to the gym more often.
Also- Make sure you spend the money for good shoes. When I have to drop $120 on running shoes I just think of my dad's knees. Which is another good point- my dad is 61 and the ONLY health problems he has are sports injuries because he's been active his whole life. Compare that to my mother who is a mess because she didn't exercise enough."

"When your finished, your quality of life will be so utterly different. The way you normally feel now, will be what feeling shiatty feels like when your done. Your health, your general happiness, your ability to live your life will all improve so drastically that you'll wonder how you ever coped with all the extra weight."

"Weight loss means a requirement for less pallbearers. And that means more mourners at your funeral.
And the funeral gets postponed, too."

"Put the 'lost' weight (rocks/stones) in a strong bag. Lifting the bag will remind you of what you've gained/lost. Aim to fill the bag to your target."

"Here's another motivation- you can buy clothes wherever you want when you are thinner."

(continuing on previous comment) "And they look way better on you"

"150 pounds is about how much the hot 5'10" chick who you want to bone weighs."

"Think about how awesome its going to be when you look in the mirror and say 'Damn. I'm friggin HOT.'

The most reliable thing I've found (my father-in-law swears by this, lost 50 pounds) is to not eat anything except raw fruit or veggies after 5PM (or 4 hours before your bedtime). Fruit is great for you, solves those sweet cravings late at night, but won't pack those pounds on right before bed."

A comment on the previously mentioned "And the funeral gets postponed, too.":

"This is the important point. Look, life is a gamble, you could be hit by lightning this afternoon, or 15 years from now. But if you avoid lightning, car accidents, alien invasion etc. then you are talking about extending your lifespan. And the minutes and days of your life are the sum capital that you have in this world. By getting healthy, you are expanding that capital. Good for you.

And even if you do run into worse health problems in the future, you know what, if you're healthy you WILL cope better. When I had my accident I was working in a warehouse and in the best shape I had been in since working construction a few years before. I was buff. I was in rehab out of rehab almost three months faster than another guy who was admitted the same day as me. He was a couple years older than me, but he was fat and...well generally unhealthy. So being healthy helps you cope with 'health crisis' better to.

Keep on doing what you're doing man. And be thankful that you CAN affect your leading 'health' issue, and your leading 'image' issue. The best I can do is mauve armrests."

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