Jun 30, 2005

New PR on my 3-mile Rockland Lake run

Did my 3-mile run in 31:50 today, which is a new PR. 32:30 was the old.

I now have a cheststrap heart rate monitor - which is going to keep me from going to fast the first mile. I set it to give me an alarm if I went below 80% or above 90%. So for the first two miles, I was running at a pretty good clip, with a heart rate at about 88-90%. The last mile, however, I had a hard time keeping it below 90% without slowing down to a really easy jog. Every time I looked, it said 93-94%, even though I was running slower than the first two miles. I finally gave up trying to stay below 90% and pushed through to the finish. For about the last 200 meters, I said "screw it" and ran hard - got the heart rate up to 99% at the very end.

When I break 30 minutes, I am going to have some sort of gluttunous celebration.

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