Jul 21, 2005

Trucking along..

Ok, back in April, I took every pair of pants I owned, which ranged in size from 42 to 50, tried them all on, and put the pants that were too small in one of those gigantic zip-loc bags in the closet. I also have a pair of size-36 jeans that are my goal.

I was able to fit into the 50s no problem, and about half of the larger-cut 48s. Today I noticed that I was tightening my belt to it's lowest hole - the same belt that I bought a couple of months ago where the largest hole was too small for me.

So I took out the bag and tried all the pants on again.

The only thing that I was *not* able to put on are the ski pants I bought in April for next season while throwing out my old ski pants (how's that for a weight loss goal, by the way?) They're 44s, but cut ridiculously small.

For the first time in 5½ years, I was able to button the size 42 jeans, which fit me in the August 20, 1999 photo:

They're still too tight in the hips and thighs, but the fact that I was just able to button them is a huge deal to me.

All the size 44s fit pretty good - maybe just a tad tight, but wearable. I wasn't able to button them either. The size 46 pants fit fine, and the 48s were too big, just like everything hanging in my closet.

Running log: July 20th, 3 mile Rockland Lake lap, 33:20 (I ran hard, but the heat slowed me down.)

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