Dec 20, 2005

a rant about the strike

sorry, but even without the flight out, I have to say that those cocksuckers are a bunch of spoiled children.

I was reading (for the first time) the issues that they're going on strike over.. and I must say I have no sympathy for these miserable bastards at all. Moving the retirement age from 55 to 62 for employees who haven't even started yet (when the rest of the country retires at 65??!) Contributing 1-2% of their salary to their heathcare benefit (when the rest of the country's premiums are up at least 10%?!)

This is what these shitfuckers are crippling the city over less than a week before christmas?!?

I hope to god that Pataki follows through on his threats to punish these workers individually. I hope their children get nothing for christmas this year because dad can't afford it. I hope to see some homeless bus drivers in February after they can't make rent payments. And to ensure all this happens, I hope the politicians give special compensation to lawyers who sue these cocksuckers individually (lawyers are key - they would extract every penny they could out of them)..

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